Association of Cities for Cyclists

Association of Cities for Cyclists is a national, voluntary, non-political and non-governmental organization founded as an association of legal persons. Association members are towns and cities as well as NGOs, clubs, associations, unions and initiatives.. Association of Cities for Cyclists is a partner for government and parliamentary political representation in the Czech Republic. It participates in the preparation and drafting of legislative and non-legislative measures relating to the area of urban mobility, especially cycling. The Association's activities are aimed to help establish a local community of people and institutions that together want to improve urban areas, especially in the field of transport and mobility.

Establishing Cities for Cyclists, July 2, 2013.

Our goals

We aim to change the way of viewing mobility in Czech towns and cities, and to overcome barriers that hinder elaboration and implementation of mobility plans in the Czech Republic.

The Association was established to support  not only cycling  as both transport and leisure activity, but the sustainable urban mobility in general. Although the concept of SUMP originally seemed to be a great promise for cycling promotion as well, soon turned out to a great misunderstanding because the Czech planners and local authorities put strong emphasis on an analytical phase, on preparation steps and defining of goals, while the question of fact, the substantive part of the plans, remains suppressed. If our aim is to approximate the way of approaching urban mobility plans in the Czech Republic to developed European countries, we need more than to provide information, we need to change public viewing of transportation.

Quite naturally, the Czech Association focuses on the topic of active modes of transport and public space, as defined by the European Urban Agenda. We know well that without changing the approach to urban mobility planning there will be no changes in urban cycling.

Skirt Bike, Prague. Photo: Pavel Stastny

The Czech Association of Cities for Cyclists follows the Czech National Cycling Development Strategy, approved by the Czech Government on May 22, 2013. One of its aims is to enhance the share of cyclists which should increase to 10% by 2020. The association helps fulfill objectives set in the strategy and naturally has become one of the key stakeholders in cycling promotion. Furthermore, the association is involved in preparing the European Cycling Master Plan where activities are inspired by the European Commission.

The association aims to:


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